Portraits and Art of Pamela Slaton





Delicately detailed, Pamela's art is painstakingly rendered line by line in the mediums of colored pencil, graphite or charcoal,  accented with ink, watercolor and pastel. 

Primarily a portraitist, Pamela creates unusual illustrations and nature art as well, with subjects ranging from fairy tale characters and pets, to large predators, wolves, crows and bats.

Artist Statement

As a self taught artist, I have explored many mediums, and have formed a loving relationship with the pencil.  Whether graphite, charcoal or colored pencil, I elevate the lines created by such humble instruments and honor the mark,   Each idea, each inspiration for a piece, is nature centered.  Often abstract ideas take the form of creatures in my work, and I have followed them up into the lofty canopies or down the rabbit hole. Many of my pieces are simply to honor the beauty of the natural world and the wonder and imagination it inspires in us all.  Portraiture is yet another way that I celebrate nature, whether human or beast, as there is a challenge in capturing the texture of a a beloved pet's fur or the personality of a loved one through their expression.  


I have found that, throughout history,  we as humans have associated animals with mystery, superstition, innocence and evil, and I explore these connections, often with rather tense results.