Venetian Carnival Masks

IN February of this year, I was asked to exhibit with Caffe Gelato for the June Art Loop in Newark, DE.  Knowing that the owner has a very discerning eye when it comes to art,  I knew it was in my best interest to create something uniquely for him and his restaurant.  

Here you will find pics and information about the three pieces that have been created in the process.  

They are currently on display at Atelier 273 until May 31, when they will be hung at Caffe Gelato

Rendered in Prismacolor colored pencils, "Harlequin" took over 20 hours to complete.  Most of the work was in creating vivid color, with light lines layered over other colors, then burnished and color layered again.  The black background was the idea of my studio mate, and it really sets off the vivid colors.  

"Mischievous" took nearly as long, and most of that time was spent just on the mask.

The third and final drawing has not yet been retrieved from getting framed, I will post as soon as it is!

I was enjoying having a series going, and will continue to create other masks.  Currently I have several commissions that I am in process with, and will continue to post them here!