Delaware Fun-aDay

To anyone who has been asked to complete a project (remember in school, staying up past midnight the last day?)  there is a certain excitement in the beginning, maybe the "Yeah!  I am totally going to finish this early!!" that quickly looses its energy as soon as the realization sets in that long term projects are often not fun at all.  The pressure of completing a task or project, especially for those of us with a bit of the ADD in us, can be exhausting,  just thinking about it. 

So I stuck to it the best that I could.  Starting the project two weeks after starting a new full time job.  I must say I was quite ambitious.  I admit, many of the pieces took two days or more, and some I blasted out three or four in a day.  You can definately see the progression from the blocky quick renderings in the beginning of the month to the finer line drawings, sketches and watercolors towards the end of the month.  

Each of the drawings was less than 6" x 6" with a nature theme.  I mounted them on foam core.  I ended up having to use pins to secure them (the adhesive was too light) and it took on the appearance of specimen pins. You know me, I thought that was cool. I think the reference was lost on most, though. 

There were over 80 artists that participated, and I enjoyed being a part of it!