Informal Pricing Matrix

Ok, so here goes. 

The only reference I really have had to pricing is other sites I have visited.  So many different levels of talent out there and just as many ideas on what that talent may be worth. 
The pricing I have set up is based on a formula I have seen recurring througout these sites.  Size and amount of subjects.
Currently I am only offering drawings in graphite, but hope to offer colored pencil drawings once I am more proficient at them.  PLEASE keep in mind that this blog is set up to generate a portfolio, so the prices on here are NOT permanent and are NOT going to be posted to the website.  Once the website is set up, you may find the pricing there to be a little bit higher.  The prices may change to reflect the amount of time it takes to practically complete the drawing, from start to delivery, and the amount of resources it takes to go through the process. By no means am I going to try to be be greedy, but if it takes a long time I have to be able to pay myself for my time, even if it turns out to be less than minimum wage. :)


So here goes

8 X 11              ONE SUBJECT           $75                        TWO SUBJECT           $100
11 X 14            ONE SUBJECT           $125                      TWO SUBJECT          $150
18 X 24            ONE SUBJECT           $350                      TWO SUBJECT           $450
  These prices reflect head and shoulders (or similar) poses, no background, using graphite pencil.  Any additional imagery would, of course, be a little extra.
The prices did increase recently because the amunt of time it takes to do each drawing.  I put a lot of care into each piece, and love each one that I do. This workmanship is reflected in each drawing. They may not be perfect photo realistic drawings, I don't believe in that so much. It is art, they will appear realistic, but they won't be exactly like a photograph.  I give each drawing its own personality, in part of my interpretation of the subject.
Most of my subjects I may not have met, so I have to get to know them through the drawing.  Espressive pictures that tell something about the subject are suggested. For animals its preferred to be a side view, especially in flash photography, since frontal views tend to flatten out features. Good clear digital photographs are best.  Cell phone pictures are THE WORST!!  LOL  Please no matter how good your cell phone camera is, the file is just to small and pixelated to be enlarged for study. I need to see the eyes and other facial features, hair, designs in clothing, etc.

 Suzanne's Dog was huge, 18x 24.  and I worked from a small 4 x 6 picture from a film camera. I was able to use a magnifying glass to pull out details, but the client also provided several different reference photos. This was my first official commission, and in actual production hours, including drafts, took about 40 hours.
 TJ and the Rickenbacker, only 11 x 14, also took 40 hours, but it was the first drawing of this type (drawing from photographs) that I really took seriously enough to get it as close to perfect as I could. Alot of problem solving with both of them, but with each one I complete, the production time gets shorter and shorter ( per inch) , and the detail greater and cleaner.  So we both have a lot to look forward to!!
Both of these drawing were done in graphite pencil.
So let me know what you think, I am setting all this up as a way to work through some things before the official website is up.