Some General Information

Thanks for visiting! This particular blog is just some general info I wanted to get out there, the "small print" so to speak.

My email is a good email, if you have trouble reaching me you can alway leave a message here.

Many folks have asked about pricing.  Right now I don't have a formal pricing matrix, but am listing basic prices for different size drawings in another blog. Your feedback on these prices is appreciated, as I am being told I'm not charging enough. I'm flattered! I hope that you all are honest enough with me to give me some feedback on that.  THANKS!!!

You will find with the amount of detail and work that goes into each drawing, the price will be well worth it. I enjoy each drawing I do, and put great care into capturing detail and providing a clean professional product.

At this time I am not offering framing or matting, as these are very personal choices.  Different tastes and decorating styles dictate that framing and matting is best left to the individual and will keep costs down. Once I have a good network of framers going, I can definately try to recommend one in your area.

Shipping is, of course, based on where you are and the size of your drawing.  I will generally ship USPS unless you have a preference otherwise, and any price difference will be reflected in the final cost.
If you are local to me, I can hand deliver the art and accept cash at delivery.
I am in the process of setting up a paypal account and will include this info once I have it.

The printer that I will be using has a LOT of options if you choose to have your portrait reproduced for family memebers, etc. Smaller or larger, greeting cards, postcards, etc. Even down to the type of paper they use.  They are actually some good people, and I will enjoy working with them!
For a very small and reasonable additional fee, I can have these reproductions done for you. These costs would be included in your final quote before they are done.  However, please be perfectly sure what you want before we approve it to move forward.  This all initially comes out of my pocket, and I can't absorb costs like this too much.
I ask that you respect any copyrights that I have and that you request your reproductions legally at the time the final drawing is approved.  This is how I want to make a living, and any poor reproductions, or distribution of my art without my permission, is essentially diluting my potential income. Thanks :)

I also ask that, if there is a deadline that you would want the drawing completed by, that you state this very clearly at the time of our initial consultation.  The drawings are full of detail and take several hours to plan and execute.  Some smaller 8 x 10 drawings have taken up to 40 hours, larger more complicated drawings can take significantly longer.  I will be glad to plan a reasonable timeline with you upon consultation. If there is not a particular date you wish to have the drawing done by, it will be completed in the order it is recieved.  If the deadline does not leave enough time for planning, executing, approvals, finishing and reproducing, I will have to either ask you to reconsider, or lengthen the time.  If it is for a special event, I may need to ask for a higher rate to reflect the amount of effort it will take to meet the deadline.
Factors that may influence that timeline include but aren't limited to: amounts and sizes of other commissions already committed to, personal commitments, availability of good quality reference photographs, final choosing of draft drawings, decisions to change or alter the art after final drawing has begun, reproductions, among other things.

I know all this sounds very bland and stale, but alas it is part of the process.  Now that we got some of that out of the way, we can move on to the fun stuff! 

Just one more blog after this about the pricing matrix and then I can start posting pics of my next commission!!!

Thank you all for your support, and thanks for coming by!  If you aren't personally interested in a portrait or drawing for yourself, I do appreciate you visiting this blog and checking in. Share what you see here with someone you think might be interested, I would love to hear from them too!

Thanks again, all!!