The First Step

This is Suzanne's Dog, my first paid commission. 

I can't begin to express my gratitude to Suzanne and her family for giving me the opportunity to do this for her, and in the process, unleash a dream that has been fighting for it's turn for many years.
This drawing set in motion a series of decisions that may forever change my life.  And that is extremely exciting and scary!

This drawing was commissioned by Suzanne for her mother.  The dog's name is Jack and has been a loving and loved member of her family for many years.  Jack is not well and is quite old.  As a gift to her mother, Suzanne wanted a portrait done of Jack to preserve his memory in a special way.  I was so honored to have been in the position to be asked.  What a lovely way to do it. I still can't believe it was me that actually drew this picture.  I know it might be hard to understand, but it has been a long time since I was able to dedicate the time it took to complete this drawing.  I was able to get back into the mind set of taking time to do something I enjoyed, because it had become all about work and housework and bills and all the other commitments we have as adults.
I recently became unemployed, last week actually.  With this new found time, I am able to invest a lot of time into doing what it takes to make this dream a reality.
There is a lot of business to take care of in this type of endeavor.  I have to now look into tax ids and copyright law, among other boring and possibly stressful details .  Marketing myself will take some effort and dedication as I find I am not terribly outgoing or confident. I am friendly and nice and hope I can build on that!

We will see what the next 8 weeks bring. My first goal is to have 10 drawings finished and assembled on an actual website with a standard pricing model.  I am thinking now it may take a little bit longer than that. I can adjust.

Thanks for being here.