TJ and the Rickenbacker

My beautiful and talented husband with his Rickenbacker bass.
When TJ was younger, when he first started playing the bass at 12 or 13, he did not have an amplifier.  He would rest his head against the body of the guitar to hear the music through vibration.  He would do this periodically when he did not want to pull out his rigging.
I walked into the room while he was doing this and it struck me as a very intimate moment, like a tender embrace.  Tj is extremely talented, and as an artist, that creative bond we have with each other is one that not many people share.

THIS is the drawing that has distracted me for the last two years.  Ever since completing it in 2009, I have tried to scrape time together for myself to do more drawings. I was drawn towards documenting peoples relationships with their hobbies or gifts or talents, because I feel a portrait isnt about your face and your clothes.

Its about your identity.  Who you are and how you identify your true self. Not just your name, your job, where you live.

 During this time period, I was working full time almost an hour from my home and time was scarce. I had dreams of a website and making enough money to quit my job and just spend the days making art.
Now that I am unemployed, the opportunity is here!  Yes, it is a dream, but upon breaking it down and seeing this from a business point of view, I think it really can happen.  Mind you, I won't be buying a boat or lounging in spas all day, but I can definately replace most of the income I lost. Maybe not right away, and the reality of having to go back to work to make ends meet is a stark reality, but I have to prove this to myself that it is an attainable goal, that I do have the talent and moxy to make it happen for myself.