I have always been fascinated by pointellism, a technique to simply use dots to make art.  An artists ability to use the placement, size or color of the dots to trick the human brain into seeing the subject, and  not know for the better.
In a moment of restlessness, I rustled through some reference photos for an interesting subject.  Grabbing my art pens, I simply began to make dots to layout the shapes and proportion.  Quickly, the forms took shape, and  before I knew it, I had completed a drawing.  Considering the challenges the drawing posed, I started another.  Committed to using only dots ( no reference lines or hatches) I finished another drawing. This is a practice drawing so that I can improve my technique, but felt it interesting enough to post here for you. I hope you enjoy!
This drawing is from a random picture I found on the internet.  Unfortunately, I cannot credit the photographer, as there was no information. I don't consider the drawing cmplete, as since these photographs were taken I have worked on it more.

My love for horses is not the same as the young girl with the collection of plastic models of every breed, or riding lessons every weekend.  My love for horses is full of respect for their grace and beauty, having awe for their strength.  Growing up, I would cry for the wild mustangs being rounded up or killed, or for the Assateague and Chincoteague ponies exhausted from their swim.  Horses to me were magical, they knew a secret about life and nature and survival that we as humans would never know.  They continue to hold that mystery to themselves, but looking at them one can't help but see a glimpse.