Finally finished!  This one was fun, Addison has a great smile and the tshirt graphic wants to tell her story as a child.
I chose to use 9 x 12 Strathmore 60lb (premium recycled), which has a slight off white color to it instead of using a bright white bristol. (I regret this decision just a little bit, it did not have quite the effect I wanted) but it still turned out very nicely. I also incorporated using a little white sketching pencil to brighten up her shirt, and some highlights in her hair and skin. I used mainly Prismacolor Turquoise pencils, and Staedtler 925 .05mm mechanical pencil, along with the usual gum eraser and tortillions.
The client is having several reproductions done, and I am framing one print for her.  She is keeping the original, and giving the others to family members. :) What a great gift idea, I enjoyed doing this portrait.