Newest commission

This is the final finished drawing:
Day One

I have started a new commission and though to would be fun to show a step by step process. 
This is a few hours into the rough draft.  First draft was SUPER rough, and the client approved so here we go!
This portrait is being done using two separate photographs with lighting that is similar enough and from the same general direction.   A flowered headband was removed form the subject on the left.  Her skin tone is considerably darker than the younger girl on the right, who is very fair skinned and has lovely red hair. The challenge is getting the tones to match well, while still representing their individual skin tone and hair color. I have arranged the subjects so it appears they are standing or sitting next to each other, without adding a lot of detail outside of their faces and hair.
I can't wait to post the next installment tomorrow!
I would love some feedback on this process, and would love to read some comments!

Day Two

Day two!   About an hour spent on littlest one tonight.  Unfortunately, everyone in our house is sick:(
This has delayed work a little bit, but getting back on track.  A day full of sluggishness and napping has turned into a sleepless night, but I am making it work for me.
Spent some time working on values and negative space sections, love how her hair and the bow on her dress have shaped up.

Day Three

Day Three:  Darkening tones now, filling in hair and eyes.  Taking on a beautiful dimension now, I'm on a roll!

Day Four
 Day four and I want to say I may be finished, but somethings are bugging me.  I tend to obsess and am sending my concerns in an email to the client.  Tj, my husband, has been great.  He is my objective eyes, and can point out things that I overlook. Quite a few things he has suggested in the last few works have made a big difference in the final pieces, (THANK YOU HONEY!)

Day Five and DONE
Finally DONE!!!  It certainly  helps to get opinions.  What I thought was odd and may have overworked was confirmed by a few sets of eyes.  I DO tend to obsess :)
Happy with final result, sending to client and reproductions on Monday!!!!!