Work In Progress-Charcoal-Predator/Prey

I am really digging the charcoal pencils!
I am intrigued by the relationship of the predator and its prey.  I have always felt that nature's cycle is full of beauty and grace.  Watching TV shows about animals all through my life (the one good thing about TV to me) I have become mesmerized by the fight for survival in the animal kingdom.  The physical grace, the stalking, the chase, are all testaments to nature's resilience.
This is the second drawing using charcoal of lions and their prey.  Though these drawings feature the animals after the prey has been killed, I intend on doing more drawings of the actual hunt: the tension of the chase.  Often followed by disappointment or injury to the predator, the hunt is a dance of survival between him and his prey. Showing such physical work in a drawing, and capturing the attempts at escape by the intended meal, will be difficult.  I intend on posting my successes and failures as a tribute to the struggle of nature.